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Watch Active2 Heart Rate Accuracy Issues after last update

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I updated my Galaxy Watch Active2 to the latest update version, Since that time the heart rate monitor is not working properly and does not reflecting the activity, which effecting the burning calories measure i.e. while I'm jogging the monitor presenting low heart rate. The shown rate doesn't reflect the effort or the activity.

I reseted the device several time with no response.


I have the same issue... Before update hearth rate work perfect during activity.... After the update I have outages during the activity... 

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Yes, i have been noticing this error , and it is very upsetting , specially if you're doing cardio and need to maintain certain HR , suddenly you check the Heart Rate it shows like 95 , while it is supposed to be 140 or 150 , this very frustrating 

I'm replacing this watch with 100 AED Xiaomi Mi Band 5 honestly 

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