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watch active underestimate calories

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I just got my galaxy watch active last week. and It seems to have a issue on an accuracy of calories tracking. For example, calories burned based on a 30 minute workout with an average heart rate of 135 for a 22 year old male weighing 135 pounds are only 130 calories. I also try calories burned by heart rate calculator on some other websites, the figure should be around 334 calories, twice as much from what the watch estimated. Is there any issue with the watch? and how can I solve this? Thank you

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I'm having the same issue. I called Samsung support and apparently it doesn't factor in your heart rate when determining calories. The amount of calories burned per minute are predetermined by the workout selected and your stats like age/height/weight,etc. Major bummer

this is a major bummer. I do hot yoga for an hour where my heart rate is around 160 and only burn 180 calories.


Lets fix this.

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