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Watch Active insane battery drain after update


Mine has started to settle down, but I still only get 48hours out of a charge. 
I find that different faces drain faster, I downloaded some good low energy "eco" watch faces and stop using the other ones.

I also found an "Optimise Battery" option when you scroll down from the top top and click on the battery symbol. It will stop all ***** running in the back ground. 
It's down to trimming the fat and removing the unwanted or unused apps, I will never ever use the Benji or Baxi (Siri / Alexa wanna be) and other such apps.

Hope it helps, and it will get better. Sadly I'm now just happy with a 2 day life span, but missing my 7 day Fitbit!!


I have updated the solution. Please test it if you are experiencing drain issues

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I switched from Android to iOS (iPhone 8 issued through work) at the start of the year and immediately my Galaxy Watch Active started draining within 24 hours. I used to get 3-4 days between charges with Android. For a while after switching I kept the phone on battery saving mode to get throught the day but on impulse decided to try normal use again. Surprisingly, the watch was back up to 3+ days between charges. 


Recently, i inadvertantly let the battery drain completely and, after charging it back up , the usage was back down to <24 hours. So frustrating! 


I've tried factory reset, uninstallaing and reinstalling the Wearable and Health apps - nothing seems to remedy it. 


I contacted customer support and they went through the usual checklist:

  • Update the software
  • Uninstall/reinstall
  • Factory reset
  • Turn bluetooth off and on

Everything I'd already tried and nothing worked. In the end they suggested that I send the watch back to Samsung for repair, but I'm convinced the issue is not with the watch itself as I have seen that it is capabale of 3+ days use and never had any issues when it was paired with my Andoid. It seems like it's a software or connectivity issue with iOS that's draining the battery so I don't know what sending the watch back will acheive.


I'd be very grateful for any advice from other users that might have exprienced this.

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Mine seems to be okay on iOS now - as long as I don't use it for tracking an activity.  It's a shame, as it is a good watch + tracker when it works, but I'm nearly at the point of binning it and moving to a Garmin or Fitbit.

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Last week, my phone still had a reasonable amount of power at the end of the day, but afer an update I can watch the battery drop rapidly.  It lasted less than three hours today with zero activity. 

I am worried that Samsung is using up the power by snooping on my phone, and I no longer trust them.  Due to this lack of trust, I recently dropped all four of my family's Samsung phones and purchased iPhones.

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