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watch active 2

A software update for watch active 2 was released 5 days ago! When will it be available in England? And does anyone know when there will be an ECG? 
My watch active 2 in the UK hasn't had an update since 21/1/20. Don't think it'll ever get ECG
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The fact we're stuck on R820XXU1BTA1 in the UK, which is now three releases old, is staggering. Why the heck aren't Samsung updating this device here?

Same here in Ireland, no updates, still on Tizen

Same in Sweden. Im on this is pure BS... I thought that they are a serious company who values its customers. 

FitBit had their ECG app approved by the FDA for the release of the newest watch. So, its not the FDA. Its Samsungs app that is sh*t which doesnt work as required...

ye I'm in Ireland I feel the same I think s active 2 is a rip off iv samsung frontier samsung galaxy only reason why I bought samsung active 2 because it was ment to have ECG. my galaxy watch i find is a lot better only thing missing is ECG better battery life.I wouldnt recommend samsung galaxy active 2 it 's only a catch to buy the phone. Would'nt trust samsung to buy samsung 3,They can prove me wrong if they can turn on a ECG as stated on wearable.
yes still waiting here in Ireland,has anyone in Rep of Ireland got a update im still, stuck on Tizen I think a catch to buy samung active 2
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The watch active 2 will be the last Samsung wearable I'll buy. 14 months in for me, and still no ECG. it's the only thing that persuaded me not to go with Android wear
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Same here in Israel. Last update was on 27/01/2020. Still Tizen with One UI 1.5

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Recovered an update today. Now on tizen 5 5.0.1. Software version R820XXU1CTI4
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