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Watch 5 Pro 45mm is it - No Data unless BT to phone? Anyone know how to fix?

(Topic created on: 05-12-2022 08:28 AM)

Figure I am not the only one with this issue...

When near the phone watch works fine...

When not near phone stuff that requires data like internet and sms and such all has errors saying they want the phone's BT connection to work?

I am on T-Mobile and have a separate number and data plan for the watch itself - same as I had on the Active 2 44mm that I  had before upgrading to this - and that one never had issues when not near the phone smh!!!  Called t-mobile they verified it is registered on their network and that the issue is not on their end and sent me here (Samsung)

Also, weird lil request - but on old Watch 2 active I had a cool setting I enabled to turn off the watch face when I covered it with my hand.  Because sometimes I notice it stays on a lil longer than I need when I am done looking at it.  Saves power trust me I got another half a day use from the Active 2 using this setting - cannot find it anywhere on this watch 5 pro.  Anyone know where or how to activate this same setting on this watch?


Nothing is "Pro" in this watch, I love to meet the idio**t who decided to call it a Pro,
Hello @drtechnology1 I had the same the issues as you.
Firstly, do you have the Bluetooth or LTE version? If the former then that is how it is designed to work. Apologies, if I'm teaching you to suck eggs.
If the latter, search Google for wiping cache on the watch. It's quite a simple activity.
What version if sms are you using?
The attached allows you to choose your watch.
Have a try.Screenshot_20221205_082647_Messages_1000058277_1670228807.jpg