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Watch 5 health certifications

(Topic created on: 08-02-2023 12:52 PM)
Hi everyone.

I've combed through different posts but nobody seems to have asked about the various health functions that this watch provides and whether they are FDA approved (which I am guessing they are otherwise we wouldn't be able to use them) and if the medical third parties will consider them when let's say for example someone has a heart condition and shows a medical practitioner the ECG readings for the last week.
The same for the blood pressure and blood oxygen reading.

Is this watch approved by the "medical world" ? 

I've read about the Apple Watch having received different clearings from the FDA about these functions and I was wondering if there is a website or link where I can read about these for the Samsung Watch 5 / 5 Pro.

Thank you ! 

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Hi @MadalinK A look and review of the various Health functions in this article   We are the European communities  , know Blood pressure  functionality is not available in the US though, still awaiting FDA Approval. 

There was a study for the Galaxy watch 4 (do not see comparable one yet for the Watch 5) which found that it complied with FDA and  ISO standards  (relating to quality management) and results were bore a close correlation with  the reference medical tool. However bear in mind it was conducted at the Samsung Medical Centre  and six of the seven medical specialists were associated with Samsung. 

Smart watches certainly can be useful reference but would not be accepted by themselves for medical diagnosis.   A medical perspective here 

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