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Watch 5 active and total calories the same!?

(Topic created on: 15-02-2023 11:27 PM)
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Hi everyone
I have a Samsung watch 5 and i mostly use it for the gym. My friend has a apple watch and on his watch after weight lifting workout, it measures a considerable difference (approx 50 to 100 calories) between his active and total calories

On my Samsung watch, the active and total calories are always the exact same!
Workout durations is usually an hour and 45mins and I take a few mins rest between sets. Sometimes if I get talking my rest can be 5mins plus. So I'm not sure why it dosent measure my active and total calories as usual

Sent the watch in for repair and they returned it saying no issue found. Raised a bug on the app but no eta or idea of when it'll be sorted. 

Anyone else having this issue? I'll be returning the watch if I can figure this out as the health part of this watch was the whole reason I purchased it!

Thanks in advance