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Watch 4 classic dead after update, Samsung trying to pull a fast one

(Topic created on: 01-12-2022 09:52 PM)

I sent my dead phone back and now they want to see proof of original purchase, I got it off ebay a year ago and its still in warranty, can you advice please? I can't get hold off original receipt. Thanks 

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Is this in connection to a watch or phone @Scoobs222 as your header title mentions a " Watch⁴ Classic  " and in your post you mention " i sent my phone back "

Just asking for clarification.

If your referring to a Samsung Watch⁴ Classic then Samsung released a statement in their Samsung Members App that a recent watch update caused some watches to not power back up after updating ,and then turning the watch off.

The advise was to keep the watch on while they pushed a new update out which I believe they have now which has been discussed in a thread in the wearables boards > Here < , or if it's now not rebooting to get in touch with a Samsung Service Centre.

They will want proof of purchase.

Do you have anything still in your ebay purchases that they maybe able to utilise ? I still have old purchases in my eBay account.

Did you register the watch via the Samsung website when you acquired it.

Might be a long shot but see if you can check with the original owner to see if they have the proof of purchase which is usually held in an email sent by Samsung if purchased direct from them.

I totally understand and appreciate it's been a year so that route may not be available.

If you can't then I'd suggest to contact Samsung Support and fully explain the situation.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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