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(Topic created on: 18-10-2018 07:00 AM)

This is an official Samsung forum. Questions about how something on a Samsung product works or doesn't work or how to achieve something shouldn't remain unanswered. That can happen in an unofficial/independent forum because they're only interacted with by regular users who don't have access to the Samsung techies. Here are my unanswered questions:


Are we getting a real always-on mode via a software update ?

Can I have Sleep in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Health widget ?

Galaxy Watch Voice Memo notifications on phone disappear

Galaxy Watch notifications disappearing

(Links 3 and 4 above are different, one refers to notifications on the phone, the other on the watch)

Galaxy Watch + Whatsapp, accessing chat threads, how to ?

Galaxy Watch, can I disable the "No Notifications" screen?


SG Tab: Touch and/or Drag interactions flaky

SG Tab 10.1 Installing new app always puts icon on a new homepage

SG Tab: Using a Bluetooth Keyboard with Apple or Windows keys


S8 notification 'Apps are running in the background'

S8 'notifies' me that I have files in the secure folder, I already know that

Helping Hand
So you submitted 11 questions in 1 week and you wonder why no1 replied?

For me as a "normal" forum member when I see something like that I will click away the questions just because I get the idea you are spamming the community. Also the fact that you are complaining about this only 2 weeks later does not get me motivated to help you with your questions.

You know you could just ask a helpdesk employee via chat or phone for direct response?

:white-medium-star:Never gonna give you up!:white-medium-star:
Samsung Members Star ★★

It can take time for the Samsung Community Team to reach all posts , read them and then speak with the relevant departments to find an answer. 


I'm a regular member here and answer the questions etc I have knowledge on. 


Please give them the time to help. 


Sometimes a Google Search in the interim can go some way to return the info a person seeks. 



Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512Gb in Phantom Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


I didn't call support because waiting a few days for an answer seemed quick enough. Still doesn't look like I'm going to get any answers though. I'm probably many pages down by now. It seems like there's no feature in this forum that flags up questions that still don't have an answer after several weeks 😞


Btw, it might seem like spamming posting 11 questions in a couple of days, but it's just a case of queueing up a bunch of issues and then thinking I gotta go post these one day.