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Tizen 4.0 for Gear S3 Frontier !!

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Why samsung is n't working on tizen 4.0 for gear s3 frontier ?!

We all feel the massive draining of baterry with tizen and samsung know that !!

my watch is new and only lasts for 8 hours usage on full charge with this tizen , samsung should do something about that !!

this is very strange to ignore us , watch is 300$ and now useless !!!


More vomit BS from you...


Just go away.

@Netterchef wrote:

I don't want Tizen 4. I want Samsung to fix all the bugs in this expensive gadget. If Tizen 4 is a way to that stuts, fine. But I see the same bugs from the S3 on the new watch with Tizen 4. Therefor it is not Tizen. It's  Samsung to fix their software. Samsung shouldn't waste time for anynew gadgetjntil they have at leastone in a final and bugfree stagus. But this will never ever happen.



Hard words.

What I read here in all posts, no one want to have a fully functional Samsung Gadget. Everyone is just eager to get the next version number of the operating system of that gadget. Very sad. You haven't understand the difference betwen OS and Apps. You haven't realized what is the work from Samsung and what is the work from others. A new version of Tizen _does not_ repair the bugs Samsung programmed in into their Apps. If Samsung need a new Tizen to fix all the bugs in their Apps - it's fine for me. But again: I do not need a new Tizen. I want Samsung to fix all the bugs in that Gear S3 because I payed a lot of money for functionality and not for version numbers.

And yes, I know how to do Software. I pay my life since 1988 with programming.

And for next time, my young padawan, think about the words you use. Those you use are blaming youself.


My S3 Frontier hasn't received the update to Tizen 4.0 yet. Anyone know why?  Thank you

Can we get some info on if and when we will be getting the Tizen 4.0 update on the Gear S3 and Gear classic in egypt .

you are going out of your way to be annoying. no one cares what you think.  both Tizen 3 and 4 for the S3 have been stable and little to no issues at all, either stop being negative or get yourself a dollar and go call someone who cares....


they are rolling it out and it does not seem to be region based either.    Many of my friends and I have all recieved the update yet other friends living in the same area have not, so there must be some other method they are using for the roll out.   I have been using it for a week or so now and its fine, it is stable and GWD designer is working fine too. do not listen to the nay sayers on this site they are just bagging Samsung for no good reason.

So it works?

it works very well not a single issue.




we don't have it here in Germany for now.

What is about those bugs on the S3 been ported on the new Wear running on

I.e. loosing all stetting on sports after reboot. You have to renew the settings  for the display, for advising etc. What is about the barometer-app? Is it now telling the truth? No, it's not the sensor. There are apps which do the job correctly. What is about the Alarm-App? Does it stores alarmsettings now or just the time for using this alarm next time?

BTW: Except Barometer, that was waste ever, all apps work properly until the last big update. All other whatever updates made it worser.

I'm looking forward that Samsung has fixed the standard apps before and bundled them with the new OS. But ......

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