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Stress Measure doesnt work

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the samsung galaxy watch active 2 doesnt measure stress. the heart rate will show up but the ring that glows around the dial doesn't come up and it says, "Couldn't measure street. please try again". I've tried to reboot the watch but it didn't help. the heart rate measure works though.


Try to set the heart rate measuring on always and try again.

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I have the same issue on Galaxy Watch. The above solution doesn't work. I think there was an update which caused the issue for me. Hoping Samsung fixes it. Have you found any workaround? 

I informed Samsung about this and they were really helpful. they picked the watch up from my home and got it repaired under warranty and sent it back to me in a week. although the stress still takes long to measure, it at least measures now. I suggest tell Samsung support this issue and they'll fix it
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