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still waiting

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Still waiting kn my ear buds that was to sent to me when I purchased my s20+ 
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I initially had a similar problem when I purchased my 20s. When I purchased my original order via Samsung I took advantage of the memory card offer while going through the checkout. The order come no buds. When contacting Samsung customer services I was informed that in the fine print you couldn't have the buds & memory card offer. Unfortunately the solution was to send all the orginal offer back and ask to be credited and order the phone again and this time the buds we delivered the same time as the new phone. It was a frustrating time and I believe a fault on their check out system but, Samsung pick up and delivery was very quick and the orginal payment was back in my account within 7 days as quoted. I found from this if your final delivery transaction didn't show Phone (£price) buds (£0) then the offer wouldn't have been activated. Hope this helps ?
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