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Spotify ruining what is potentially best watch on market

(Topic created on: 26-10-2018 10:02 AM)
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Title sums it up.  This is a brilliant watch.  And I thoroughly enjoy going for runs with it.  However your partnership with spotify is worryingly bad.  Clearly you are confident with their app on your device as it's a big selling point on all your websites 

"Now your music goes with you

With Galaxy Watch, your music travels with you wherever you go. Do it all with your favourite Spotify playlists ready to listen to* – just connect your wireless headphones** and you’re good to go."


It seems that you have let spotify design a basic app that barely even meets these criteria just so you can claim it as fact and shift more units.  I feel if Samsung are using this app to sell more watches they are selling me and others who bought this watch because it had spotify are being sold a lie.  Spotify for gear/galaxy watch hasn't been updated since 5th December 2017. And in my opinion the spotify app is incomplete as they haven't even put a shuffle feature on downloaded playlist so I still have to take my phone running with me.  Even though I was promised that I wouldn't need to.  Spotify customer service have been no use and refuse to address the issue of shuffle not being available offline.