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Sports tracking on the GalaxyWatch 4 - the good and the bad

(Topic created on: 09-10-2021 09:08 PM)

One of my main uses of a smartwatch is sports tracking - I love the outdoors, and I find it intensely satisfying to see where I was on a detailed map.

The Suunto 7 excels at it, and the entire package (smartwatch app and matching Android smartphone app) is extremely polished. 

To my surprise, Samsung Health is a close second. Tracking cycling is very ergonomic: a twist of the bezel (assuming you activated the tile), one touch, 3 beeps, and you are tracking. To stop the exercise, you need to push the lower button and then touch the screen. Very easy to do and very safe - I never stopped an exercise accidentally. Very informative plots in the phone app. Heart rate corresponds to my previous measurements with a Polar H10 pulse belt. Very good!

Now the bad: Kayaking, rowing, cross-country skiing all lack GPS.

Today I tried "Hiking" on the outward leg of my customary kayaking trip. 

Screenshot_20210919-131820_Samsung Health.jpgThis went very well. I used Strava in "Nordic skiing" mode for the return leg. GPS tracking was slightly more accurate but I actually prefer Samsung Health. 

Why not have a similar setup for kayaking?

I realise that it is very challenging to develop optimal sports tracking for 50+ sports, but why not open up sports tracking for contributions from the community?

Last week, I programmed my first watchface, and I am still very happy with it -

I think it will be cheaper and more cost-effective if athletes can develop their own exercise tracking configurations for their own favourite sports and then share them with the community. 

Galaxy Watch4 Classic 

Galaxy Watch4 


This is a screenshot from today's sea paddling - the hiking activity is working well. Only: Why can't it be called "paddling"?  (Incidentally, I put the watch in battery saving mode before starting tracking as I don't need a display when I wear my watch under my drytop.)

Screenshot_20211009-215128_Samsung Health.jpg

My suggestion: Have a generic exercise like "Outdoor exercise" which contains all features of "Hiking" but plus step count/stroke cadence (useful for paddling, rowing,nordic skiing, skating) and a selection of options like the existing ones for cycling AND the name of the sport and maybe a custom icon. That would solve my problem. I love this watch, sports tracking is essentially sound, it just needs a little bit of tweaking. 

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