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Sound issue with galaxy buds

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My right ear bud is capped out at 10% volume. Ive tried resetting and connecting to other devices nothing works, any advice?


Scenario of what happened:

I was using both of my ear buds when I turned the volume down, and put right ear bud back in the case. I continued to use the left one and turn up the volume. Later when I went to use both together the left still had full range volume, but the right is now stuck at 10% volume max. 

@Alaric: Please can you Launch Galaxy Wearable app > Tap Touchpad > Tap 'Right' under Touch and hold touchpad > Select Volume down/Volume up (depending on the command assigned to the left bud). Are you able to raise the volume of the right bud now? If not, go back to the Galaxy Wearables home screen > Find My Earbuds > Tap the magnifying glass symbol. The buds will both start beeping - is the sound balanced in both buds?
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