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Sort out the software!

(Topic created on: 22-01-2021 09:31 AM)

I'm a big fan of smartwatches and had one since the first Wear OS watches came out. My Galaxy watch is the first time I've moved away from Wear OS and the watch is awesome. Looks, battery life (the big one for me) and usability with the bezel all great, but the software is terrible!


Bixby voice assistant absolutely dire. Just use Google Assistant. It will never be as good.


S-Health awful. With Google fit I go to the gym set for gym workout it detects what exercise I did (bench press etc) and reps just asked for the weight I lifted. Samsung stop, select new exercise if its on there and start. The watch app doesn't even have all the phone app activities. 


I don't mind the limited app library on Tizen most of us users want a watch that we can quickly see notifications on or monitor our fitness. Maybe answer a call if I can't get to my phone in time. Please, please Samsung sort out the basics.