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Sleep tracking has stopped - galaxy watch active 2


I've had my Galaxy Watch Active 2 since it came out and I've loved it.. I hated the original because it was so inaccurate. I've had fitbits for years and never had an issue with tracking... Just syncing and all that 🙄

My Active 2 has tracked sleep absolutely fine since I got it, but the last two nights. Nothing. It's really weird. I've changed nothing on the watch and worn it the same as always bit it's just not caught any of my sleep! 

Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi Ema!!! try to restar device long presing the right botton button (Galaxy Watch Active 1), and check if your sleep mode works fine or not after that, let us feedback about :four-leaf-clover:


I have the same issue. My new active 2 watch was syncing sleep data alright then it suddenly stopped. I could see the sleep data on the watch alright but just not able to see it on my Samsung Health app. The app screens "No data" under the moon symble. Steps, heart rate are all syncing just fine. It seems the issue is only related to Sleep.


Please help!




Same issue here. 4 days ago it suddenly stopped. Yesterday, i had reboot my active 2 but still no results.


It is fixed!

Just a hard reset was needed. Im happy!


I also have same problem ... reboot nothing ..... any one had a fix yet ????


I have a gearS3 frontier an have the same issue...sleep,heart,steps all stopped working since tizen 4004 also gets 2 days tops out of the battery now an the update was supposed to fix this but has made it worse...have reset numerous times from soft an hard reset but nothing...even deleted the app on phone an redownloaded but nothing...when will samsung sort this out I'm not the only one with this issue its world wide...anyone would think Samsung are wanting you to buy the new watches...fix the issues with the old ones...come on Samsung I'm a loyal customer but your starting to get like apple


Same problem here. Very innacurate sleep tracking from the Galaxy Watch Active 2. The watch usually reports that I have between 15 to 30 mins of deep sleep while 2 other devices from Fitbit and Withings  show similar information with 1h30 - 2 hours of deep sleep.


Big disapointment and I'm considering to return it since I have another month to decide. 

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I had the watch for 3 days. First night the sleep tracking was close to perfect but next two nights there is no record at all , just saying : No sleep record today.

Any solution?


I make sure I manually turn on Goodnight Mode when I'm going to sleep and I make sure the watch is on the outside of my wrist tightly.


I've had mine for 6 weeks and there were only two nights it couldn't detect my REM and deep sleep so it reporterd on Montionless Sleep, all other nights it detected my REM and deep aleep successfully. 


I always wear my watch on the outside of my wrist.


One night I wore my watch on the inside of my wrist, thinking the base of the watch should contact the blood vessels better so the detection should be more accurate but that night sleep data was empty. I suspect it might be because, when wearing the watch on the inside of a wrist, and the palm is facing downwards, gravity pulls the watch downwards and makes the watch not contact the skin at all, hence nothing was detected.


After that night I always put my watch on the *outside* of my wrist *tightly* and sleep data has always been recorded.


I never let watch auto detect the Goodnight Mode so I can't comment in that regards.


How do you define sleep tracking was "close to perfect"?


In the past 6 weeks wearing Active 2 watch, my Deep Sleep is always detected short, around 30min mostly, last night it said I had 50min of deep sleep, this rarely happens. I read someone compared Samsing Active 2 with Fitbit and said Fitbit reported longer Deep Sleep time than Samsung did. I'm not sure whether my sleep is just bad that I don't sleep deep enough or it is that Samsung has problem detecting it.


What's your experience? 



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