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Show all steps on gear S3



I don't wear the gears s3 while jogging because I use a different running watch. But I have my mobile with me.

So the steps made during running are recorded in S Health, but not on the Gear S3.

At the end of a day, my watch says that I  still have to do some steps to reach my goal. Even though I have already reached largely my goal in S Health. Thats a bit frustrating.




In S Health it is possible to sync the steps of the mobile and the Gear, so that you can see the total amount of steps on your phone.

Is there a possibility (other than wearing two watches during jogging :winking-face:) to have the total amount of steps (mobile and gear) also on the gear?

 If not, I think that would be a great option.






Hi @Bin_Ge


I pulled this info from the FAQ stuff on Samsung Health:


"- If you have synchronised other devices, or apps other than Samsung Health, whose data should be added to Steps, go to Steps and tap 'More' in the top right corner of the screen. -> Tap 'Source data to view' and select 'All steps' or 'Mobile phone'. If you select 'Mobile phone', an updated step count will be shown in real-time. If you select 'All steps', all step counts from your mobile device as well as other devices and apps synchronised with Samsung Health will be added, and the step count data updated every minute."


Let me know how it goes - or if you've tried that already without success. :smiling-face:

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This is what I already described in my question.
This only synchronizes the Steps in SHealth and on the Mobile.


What I need is the possibility to show all the steps on my Gear S3.


For example:

Just wearing the Gear I do 5000 Steps.
Just wearing the Mobile I do 3000 Steps.


With the option "All Steps" I will have in SHealth and on the Mobile a total of 8000 Steps.
But my Gear will still show 5000 Steps.


And I would like to have the 8000 Steps on my Gear.



So unfortunately this was of much help.


Kind regards,



No worries @Bin_Ge - and thank you for the clarification. :smiling-face: :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


I agree: it's a good idea to have that option, so I've pitched this as a suggestion to our software R&D team for you - and I'll let you know how it goes.

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Hi @Bin_Ge.


We got some positive feedback from the devs on this one :


"We are currently exploring ways to implement the feature suggested for future wearables".


Thanks for the suggestion!


Great news!


I'm looking forward for this new feature.



"We are currently exploring ways to implement the feature suggested for future wearables".


Does this mean it wont be carried over onto current devices? I know fitbit already do this so its obviously possible. 



Any update on this? 


My Galaxy Watch currently only shows steps from the watch itself, not all steps. I would like to see all steps on the display so I know where I'm at for the day without having to open the S Health app on my phone and filter to all steps. 


Also will there be any further updates to the accuracy of the steps? I've had my watch on all day and my phone on my desk for the most part but somehow the phone registered more steps than the watch did... which doesnt make sense.


I would very much like this as well.

I work at a treadmill desk and my gear sport generally doesn't pick up any steps (wrist rests on the desk). I rely on the Samsung health app on my phone to record those steps (and remove duplicates). That means I need both the watch on my wrist for heart rate, and the phone in a ziplock bag in a pocket.

I might finish the day with 25000 steps in the Samsung health phone app, but the watch says 3000 steps.


Is there any progress on this point? Still waiting for Tizen 4 in France but according to the post above this wasn't resolved in the Galaxy Watch so even upgrading to that watch does not solve the issue.

It's a pain setting goals to achieve each day and the number of steps on the watch is not accurate. Typically the phone can measure up to 25% more steps a day than the watch even when wearing/carrying both at the same time or on long walks. Other steps only apparently recorded by the phone are typically walking around a large supermarket pushing the trolley.

This means having to set a lower goal or to walk more as the watch doesn't record all the steps, also if put on charge and carrying the phone, the steps won't be included. Any chance of this working (being able to set Steps=All Steps as opposed to the Steps=Mobile which is the only option now) on either the Gear S3 or the Galaxy Watch ? 

When setting the Target on the phone All Steps is set, however the only alert I get is when this target is reached on the mobile only (which usually means about 2000 more steps than the target according to the phone.

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