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Serious bug in wearable app. It removes Galaxy watch 4/5 pairing and force them to hard reset!

(Topic created on: 14-01-2023 06:45 PM)

Hello, using a Samsung galaxy phone Android 11, galaxy watch 4 and galaxy buds 2, everything is Samsung yet having a serious issue; Samsung's galaxy wearable app on Android randomly resets itself and remove all paired devices like galaxy watch 4/5 and galaxy buds etc.

A couple days ago my GW4 failed to connect to Samsung Galaxy phone again, i opened wearable app on phone and found that somehow the app had reset itself and removed all paired devices. It was asking to start a new device pairing as if it's installed for the first time. Apparently it had removed both watch and bud's pairings. This happened 4 times in 9 months and there is no way to recover/re-pair devices without resetting and starting a new pairing from scratch. Resetting a galaxy watch 4 / 5 means removing all apps and settings on the device and reinstalling/configuring everything all over again. Even health data may be lost. For instance i lost 2 days of health data because watch and phone lost pairing for 2 days. 

This is a serious issue.. Wearable app must be fixed and also there must be an option to re-pair galaxy watch 4/5 without resetting. Root cause seems to be a bug on galaxy wearable app itself that somehow resets itself and lose/remove pairing of devices. There are some complains about this problem but no fix provided yet. Looking forward to a fix for this. Thanks

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If your having issues you should report it to Support.

I have had GW4 and now have GW5 Pro on a S22 Ultra now and have not had any issues at all