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Samsung Watch Doesn't Work

My Samsung watch doesn't work when i raise my hand , I have reset it 3 times and i've checked to make sure night mode , theatre mode and do not disturb is all turned off but still nothing , i don't know what else i can try or do to get it to work again unless anyone has any ideas that I might not have thought of , any help would be greatly appreciated .

Thanks in advance
James Bond
in settings,tap advanced,turn on wake up gestures.
Hi Piscean ,
I've done that and more , I've turned wake up gestures on and off , I've factory reset it 7 times now and still doesn't work , the screen doesn't rotate when i put it on charge either . I put it on radiator over night thinking maybe sweat got into it as i use it when on spin bike and when i got up next morning it was working fine for about an hour then it stopped working again , now it works sporadically for 2 minutes or so so i'm out of ideas and there's nothing on Google or YouTube regarding my problem .
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