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Samsung Watch Active 2 abrupt workout stop

(Topic created on: 26/08/20 23:03)
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Hi all, I bought an Active 2 smartwatch in May, and had no problem, until a couple days ago. I started taking longer walks as "workout", and tried to use the watch to record the distance, speed, pace, etc., simply record the workout. I always set in on Basic workout. But after about 5-6km the workout on the watch suddenly stops, without any sign or announcment (at least it saves the data untill then). I'm not pressing any button on it, there are no accidental touches on the screen. I know that for the Biking workout it works fine, it's just the Walking. Also my father has a Watch 46mm, and he has encountered a similar problem once or twice. Is there any way to solve this problem? Or it might be a software bug that could be fixed with an update? Thanks for the answers beforehand.