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Samsung watch 3 shuts down to cool down and never switches on again

(Topic created on: 02-10-2023 11:51 AM)
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My Samsung watch 3 was working perfectly and never gave any issues, until a message appears on the display saying that the watch was overheating and needed to shut down to allow the device to cool down. 

I waited for a couple of hours and tried to switch on again but it didn't work. Tried to charge the battery (thinking it was drained) and it didn't recharge.

The watch is only 5 months out of the Samsung warranty, the service support is asking for £176 to repair it.

It seems to me a planned obsolescence as it is very strange the watch suddenly stopped working and to repair it will cost so much

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I have the same problem. Initially my Watch3 wasn't charging at all. I sent for repair (Troubleshooter reference number 97-176602029), but when I received back from repair. I charged it fine but now when I switch on it says "your watch needs to cool down" and shuts down and don't switch on back. No matter howmany times I tried it doesnt work 😞  

Please can anyone offer some help ?