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Samsung SHealth Android App

(Topic created on: 15-08-2017 12:53 PM)



I have a Gear S3 Frontier and am using it with a Nexus 5 running android 6.0.1.


My problem is that the 'My PAGE' screen is not updating my personal best data.

It is updating 'most steps' and 'Most Floors' but the rest is showing personal bests from 7 days ago even though I have bettered all of them yesterday and the correct data is in the phone. 

It has done this before but after removing the app then reinstalling and restoring the data fixed it. Am I going to have to do this all the time? Is there a known issue here.



I am tracking my walking via GPS which tells me exactly how many miles I have done. When I look at my steps for all day, the distance covered is way less than the actual distance covered in my GPS tracked data.

For example: Yesterday I walked 11 miles tracked with GPS in 3 hours (1302 kcal) but when I look at steps for the whole day, it tells me I covered a Distance of 9.65 miles and burned  only 879 Kcal.  Surely steps for the whole day should add up to more distance and kcals the just the walking data, certainly not less.


Finally 'Floors' is absolutely rubbish. In order to get it to register a Floor in my standard UK house with a standard 13 step stairway, I have to raise my hand above my head at the top of the stairs in order for it to register one floor (if I’m lucky). Also I think I read that I would get a floor registered when walking up steep hills, which does not happen. The app told me that my walk had an elevation difference of 70 feet yet I didn't get a single floor added to my Floor count. This is useless and I have to wonder how this device is calibrated.


I look forward to an explanation of the above issues.


Thanks in advance.