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Samsung S7 Health app not showing route where we have walked.

(Topic created on: 10-04-2017 12:10 PM)


My wife and I have recently purchased on  contract 2 Samsung SM-G930F 32GB Smartphones.  


We have configured our Samsung Health Apps for walking.  When we have finished our walks the route has not been traced on the map. It is counting the steps and the distance correctly but it does not show correctly (map traced) on the roads and footpaths. It just shows a straighline across the map from one point to another.


Is there some configuration settings that need to set to enable this function.


Note.  Previous to this, I had a Samsung S5 for 2 years and my wife had a Motorola G3.  Both of these using the Samsung Health app showed the walked  route correctly on the map.


Any advice gratefully accepted.



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First Poster

I know this is an old thread; but I think I have found the cause, at least for my case.

I have an S10+ (SM-G975F) phone and I am using Samsung Health for tracking my walking activities. In the past few days, I have noticed that the app is not recording the route accurately on the map. When I looked at previous workouts, I found mixed results. Sometimes the routes are recorded accurately and sometimes, only start and end points for every km are recorded with straight lines in between.

I read the entire thread and tried all the given solutions (disabling power save, changing the GPS accuracy level, etc.) but none worked for me.

I have noticed that if I keep the app active on the foreground, then I get the map updated real-time properly. But if I press the power button to turn off the screen and make the app run in the background, the app stops updating the map. If I recall the app again, it will immediately update the map by plotting a straight line from the current location to the previous location recorded before the phone went off.

Therefore, this has to do with the app permission and the way it uses the GPS signal. The solution I found is as follows:

  1. Go to Settings à Apps à Samsung Health à Permissions à Location
  2. There are three choices: (1) Allow all the time, (2) Allow only while using the app, and (3) Deny.
  3. Make sure you select (1) if you want real-time (continuous) update to the map.

If you choose (2), you get the map with straight lines connecting locations at instances when the phone was waking up.

I hope this helps.


Best regards, Ashraf.


First Poster

Ashraf, you hit the nail on the head!  THANK YOU!


After switching to a Pixel3a the mapping function on the Samsung Health stopped working. The configuration capabilities on this phone are much more sophisticated than on my previous phone and I did not notice the location setting defaults.


My route mapping is now back. 


Best regards, Richard

First Poster

I, too, had this same problem with my S10 and was super annoying.  I had to change my battery power option to "High performance" which allows background location tracking in background  apps like Samsung Health to track routes when the screen is off and it turns off any power and data restricting elements on the phone. I only use this setting when I want to track my actual route in Samsung Health, but I find it highly inefficient. I shouldn't have to toggle between "optimized" power and "high performance" if I'm allowing the app to track my distance and if other apps like Map My Walk can work under better power settings. I know you have S7, but I'm sure someone else will have an issue with these newer models. Thank you for posting the original question.