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Samsung Refund - Product Shipped but Samsung claims they partially received it

(Topic created on: 22-12-2021 10:20 PM)
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Last June i bought my Husband a pair of Samsung Earbuds.  He used them for a couple of months but everytime he used them he would get funny feeling in his ears.  After prolonged use his inner ears would become crusty and weep a lot.  After consulting the doctor it was deemed he was allergic to either the pads or the nickel charging contacts of the earbuds (which press against the ear skin) - bad design btw.

After opening a support case with Samsung and explaining the situation we agreed for a refund in exchange for sending the earbuds back.  This was done via pre-paid Fedex waybill which Samsung provided. The product was shipped complete.

Package was received by Samsung Canada and shortly received an email that they received the charging case without the earbuds and  I needed to send the Buds back in order to receive the refund as agreed.  I was puzzled by this since everything was packaged together in original box and sent back to them.  There is no logical reason for meto keep the earbuds and send the charging case back.  There is also no logical reason for me to keep  the earbuds since my husband is the only one with Samsung phone in this household. 

I asked for pictures of what was received so I could cross reference the serial numbers of my original product.  We received those and the pictures matched, however there was a piece of tape across the box that I know I did not put there.  Somewhere along the lines the package was tampered with and the earbuds went missing.  

I feel totally scammed and cheated by Samsung and Fedex.  Now I have no earbuds, no charging case and no refund.  Essentially I threw away $189 and have nothing to show for.  Doing a quick search in Google, this doesn't look like it's an isolated case, as I see other similar cases of products going missing after being shipped to Samsung, and I want Samsung to right this wrong.

If you ever need to return products to Samsung, please make sure you take lots of pictures and include those pictures in your packaging. Clearly there is a problem downstream and the customer always gets screwed.


Contact them and tell them you are going to start court proceedings against them for the amount you paid for them keep all the original receipts, etc and start small court orders I hope this will help thanks
I know here in the UK when we ship stuff back to Samsung we have to put them on weight scale at the post office then we get the receipt did your weight them before handing them over to post office ? If yes then you can prove the buds was in the case when you shipped them back ?