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Samsung pay on my watches

(Topic created on: 20-06-2024 06:54 PM)
Hi all,
I have 2 samsung watches. I find that when I setup Samsung pay on one watch, it no longer works on the other. I have to set it up all over again on the second one to use it. And visa versa .... is there way to have it on both watches? 

Thanks guys! 

Unfortunately, Samsung Pay does not support simultaneous use on multiple Samsung watches associated with the same Samsung account. This limitation is due to security and authentication measures to ensure that Samsung Pay transactions are secure and reliable.

Here are a few key points to understand about Samsung Pay and multiple devices:

1. **Single Device Pairing**: Samsung Pay is typically paired with a single Samsung device at a time. When you set up Samsung Pay on one watch, it becomes linked to that specific device.

2. **Re-setup Required**: If you set up Samsung Pay on a second Samsung watch, it will unlink from the first watch. This means you'll need to set up Samsung Pay again on the first watch if you switch back to it.

3. **Samsung Account Association**: Samsung Pay is tied to your Samsung account, but the devices themselves need to be individually authenticated and set up for security reasons.

4. **Alternative Methods**: If you frequently switch between watches and need to use Samsung Pay, consider setting it up on your primary watch and using other payment methods on the secondary watch, such as a linked card or other payment apps compatible with that watch.

5. **Future Updates**: Samsung may update Samsung Pay in the future to support multiple device pairing or seamless transition between devices, but as of now, this feature is not available.

In summary, while you cannot use Samsung Pay simultaneously on multiple Samsung watches linked to the same Samsung account, you can set it up on each watch individually and use it by re-setting it up each time you switch between watches.
Thank you. This is a wonderful explanation, and I agree completely. How ever it might help if there was quicker way to switch devices rather than going through the whole setup process. Thanks again for the explanation 👍