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Samsung Not Honoring Warranty Galaxy Watch 4

(Topic created on: 18-10-2022 06:19 PM)
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I bought a Galaxy Watch 4 in December of 2021. I have taken meticulous care of the watch and dried it every time it got wet. I never went into a pool with it or the ocean. I have, in fact, followed the steps that are laid out on the Samsung website in terms of care said watch that Samsung claims is waterproof up to 5 feet for up to half an hour - yet when I had issues with it not turning on anymore and sent it in - the service center is claiming that it had water damage. I am not debating that, I did get it wet under normal circumstances such as sweating or washing my hands - but I again, always dried the watch when it got wet. 

Samsung wants over $200 to repair the watch and I spent over an hour on the phone and spoke to 5 different people trying to get Samsung to cover the cost of repairs, with no luck. Why does Samsung advertise a watch that can be submerged in 5 feet of water for up to half and hour, when it can in reality not even handle getting water on it for more than 2 minutes? I paid $240 for this watch 10 months ago and I am not paying another $200 to fix it. I requested a supervisor call me back and I was told that I would get a call back in "24 to 48 business hours" what does that even mean? If a call center is open for 8 hours a day, does that mean 3 to 6 days? I was also told that because I had refused to pay for repairs, that my watch would automatically be sent back to me in 4 days and my ticket would be closed out. So I may not even get a callback from someone who could potentially help me, in time for my watch to be sent back to me. 

I have an Note 20 Ultra, a Fold 4, a Galaxy Tab S7, washer and dryer, refrigerators, and 6 Samsung televisions and how am I having such a hard time getting Samsung to honor their warranty on the CHEAPEST of my products I own from them? This is insane.

Hi try trading standards and if that's no go small claims court to get the money back if you pay for the repair thanks