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Samsung lost my package

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Hello so I've sent my Galaxy buds into repair because one of the earbuds wasn't charging after about a month I contacted Samsung Support and found out that they are not European meaning Samsung couldn't repair them over here in Ireland. I've called the service centre and was told they will be sent back so I can get a replacment from the retailer I bought them from, the issue here is Nightline the company Samsung uses to ship and collect items for the service centre has lost my package and now I was told to get a replacement from Samsung. The question here is how. When asking for a replacement before I was told that I have to call the service centre. Do I need to send an email asking Samsung to send me a replacement or what do I do?

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I live in Alaska. I sent my Galaxy buds for repair also and I am having the same problem. The mail carrier, UPS, appears to have lost my package also. I am even on the phone with Samsung playing phone tag (Ringolevio) RIGHT NOW. They are telling me (also as I type this), that they are going to speak to their UPS Coordinator, and resolve this issue. 

Stay tuned for updates!


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