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Samsung health weekly summary not working

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I had the Galaxy watch active2 for around 2 months now.
Still no weekly reports in the samsung health app on my phone.
Is this an known issue? Everything else seems to be working.

I have reinstalled the app on my Android phone. But this did not help.

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Same here. Called their App help line two weeks ago. They were very helpful. It has worked 1 time since my call. I am waiting until 2 pm today to see if it continues to work. BTW, Weekly Summaries are updated every Sunday.

It stopped working!!!!

Samsung Health App Support line is



How to generate Weekly Report? Is there any settings that I need to enable?


So im not the only 1 i have been using sshealth app on my galaxy s9+ just yesterday noticed my weekly goals werent showing up cant even find em just dates No data for if i made my goal?

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I have bought my last Galaxy watch. Support is really bad. I tried to open an case on this.
Got some bulls... answer on factory reseting the phone if reinstalling the app did not work.

I'm still not receiving any weeky reports. Bought the watch in January this year.

Stay away from Samsung products!
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