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Samsung Health - Total Mileage or Distance

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I used to be able to view my total distance for a week by going to "Weekly summaries"

This is what is used to look like

This is what it looks like now

So is total distance gone now? I ran more than 1.34 miles the week of Dec 16-22, even more than 1.34 miles in each of the 3 days that I ran that week, even if that average is including days that I didn't run it is wrong.. Is there a way to go back to the old samsung health weekly summaries that actually give me relevant information, because the newer weekly summaries are completely wrong on my phone. I can goto the "Recent workouts" where it shows my workout for the last 30 days, and from December 16-22 I ran like 15 miles.. why does the weekly summary for that week show 1.34 miles "average distance"?? What does that even mean? Please bring back total distance in this app! If I can't find a way to get total distance I'm sadly going to have to return my Galaxy Watch for a Garmin and switch apps. Please Samsung PLEASE bring back total distance.. It really should have a total distance for the entire time I've had the app or yearly total distance.. why doesnt it?

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I agree it Sucks I can't see my total miles. I use the total miles for logging in other programs. I don't have any use for health anymore. I can take me own pulse.
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Thanks for this post, I have been sat here searching the app for this information to no avail. It absolutely baffles me when companies downgrade their apps as time goes on. I believe the "average distance" could mean "average distance covered daily" although I do agree with you that it is not clear what it actually means as evidently it has not been explained at all. It's enraging when such good features are withdrawn without explanation. Please, Samsung, apply some common sense here and bring back the total distances covered, and allow us to set the parameters for said feature, if I want to know the distance covered over the last 3 days or 5 weeks or 2 months or 1 year or whatever, just give us the OPTION.


I totally agree. Why will company rank as number one remove the most usuable/pertinent feature of their apps. I have spent so much time looking for the total number steps per day, month, year or even since I started using my Samsung Gear S2 and Samsung Health on phone to no avail.


I thought, that for sure there is a feature like this on Samsung Health. So I spent a lot of time looking/researching for it. Until I came accross this forum, realizing that the feature was removed. I hope Samsung will correct this one, this really bothers me a lot.

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can't believe that the app doesn't permit to see the total steps or mileage. I just bought a galaxy watch because my fitbit ionic  readings of heart rate was not precise, and discover that samsung is worst in reading, besides it looks it won't be possible ever to get a graphic like this...... definetely samsung sucks  Captura de pantalla (380).png


After Using one year now weekly summary is not up to date in Samsung Healt app.

Even as suggested clearing cache and data , reinstall not solve my problem.

Weekly Summery shows in Gear fit 2 pro end of week but not Synchronise in application in phone...

Developers please .,...,


I called Samsung support for help with this, but no luck. Fortunately I figured out how to downgrade to the old version of "S Health" and happily have the old style reports back! Probably cant post that here as its not supported, but you can DM me, I'll clue you in on the process.


Not hard btw.

hey, which version of the app was this from? I figured out how to backdate and downgrade, but even then I dont see this kind of report, but I'd really like to!
Can you tell me which version you got to enable this feature?
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Hoping this might help others!

So, after going nuts not believing that my wonderful GPS watch (Gear Fit 2) doesn't track the only thing I need it for I have finally found a work around.

It is RIDICULOUS that Samsung Health doesn't give you weekly & monthly TOTALS & on a GPS watch! (not average, that's no good to me!).

ALL I use it for is doing distance/step challenges via 'race at your pace' etc.

So, after hours searching, I have downloaded 'Health Sync' & 'Google Fit'. Health sync transfers the data from your watch to Google fit which gives me the totals! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus the GPS still works if you're recording specific route maps through 'workouts'.

Just make sure you disable the tracking part in the Health App. The watch does the work, if that app is recording too it messes it up. They messaged me to tell me this, it was all really easy & guided you through.

It takes a short while to transfer but it works. I tested it yesterday & it has saved my totals, my hike map & is pretty much spot on with 'map my walk' I used at the same time to check it.

Nothing's perfect but I am so happy I can keep my watch and get what I want from it.

I think it's about £3 for lifetime access to Sync. I can deal with that.


SAMSUNG, come on this is awful that this is missing from the app, you're SAMSUNG for goodness sake!

Soooo many people are doing these 'distance over time' type challenges now!!!


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