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Samsung Health Pace Vs Duration




I have had the problem below for a while. I use my Samsung Watch Active when I'm running and it syncs to Samsung health.


My question is when measuring over a mile distance how can the minute mile pace be different to the mile duration. Surley they should be exactly the same.


You will see 2 of the miles are close but mile one is way off Screenshot_20191225-113025_Photos.jpg



Samsung you really are a s**t company. I have logged this every way possible and yet no responce! 


Every time anything is logged all you seem to want is long winded log files and to reset devices! 


Why dont you try responding / working with your customers that are buying your expensive products !!! 



 I am having the same issue. If my pace for the first mile was 10 minutes 6 seconds, and I completed the mile, the duration time should be the same. I understand why the pace and duration are different for the partial mile, but can't figure out how I'm getting different times for the first one... please help Samsung! 



They really are useless and not bothered. I have it on a 1:1 enquiry for 2 months now and they just keep saying they are looking into it.

To top it off did my first Marathon and the watch went from 100% battery to 14% after 1.5 hours. This meant I had to turn power saving on so i lost my run.


But... my mate had his Garmin watch which was brilliant. See below his splits. Exactly as you would expect each mile match.


Think I will just give up with Samsung.





4 months nearly over 20 1on1 messages and still no solution just pointless responces. 


Please fix it's simple!!!

As a workaround if you set your watch to do lap intervals of 1mile it fixes the issue and pace / duration will match 


Only annoying thing is you cant seem to turn the voice guidance so it goes of every mile

Before you press start on your event if you go up to audio guide in the upper right corner you can select when the audio coach comes on

Thanks but when you set laps to say 1 miles even with audio coach off it still talks 

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