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Samsung Health Keeps Crashing on Galaxy Watch

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I use Samsung Health APP on my Galaxy watch to track my runs everyday , however it keeps crashing only after 1 KM ,taking into consideration that did the below without any progress


1- i' am not connecting to my Samsung S9+ during my run

2-i cleared the cache for Samsung Health on my mobile 

3-I reboot my Watch 


still have the problem , any solution ?

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the same on my side, Watch Active 2. Looking at the activity progression, sometimes a black screen is displayed, and after a few seconds, the usual clock watch face is shown. Also, sometimes there's no track of the workout on the history, while sometimes it is. This happens to me about 1 out of 5 workings out.

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i did a factory reset to my watch and it worked fine again , try it may it will work with you as well 

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