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Samsung health audio notifications

(Topic created on: 08-08-2023 07:08 PM)
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I went for a ride yesterday with a new watch 5 pro and health was giving me info like lap 1 lap 2 with loads of info coming thru my buds . I thought I found a solution to turn it off but went for a ride again today and it's still there . So far I've turned health notifications to deliver silently and turn off auto pause and auto guide. I don't really need to know what I'm doing every 5 minutes it's annoying


Open the Samsung Health tile > click on the gear icon > toggle off Audio guide.




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Hey thanks . That's already turned off . But I was still getting the audio . I'll go for a other ride tomorrow and see if it still happens
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Hello to Everyone

I Have an SM-R810 Samsung Galaxy Watch and after switching my watch sound profile to vibrate or mute and searching for this option in my samsung health and bixby on my both devices (watch and phone) I was failed to switch off this function during my exercise (for example. Treadmill - Cycling and ....)

to be honest, You can only turn off this function with this method + (if the latest update of Samsung Health - Tizen OS and Android OS for your phone and watch wasn`t solved your problem.)

Method + (Step by Step) : 1.Open Samsung Health via your Watch Apps list (You don`t need to connect the watch to your phone or have a Internet connection)

2.Enter to your Workout Record Screen

3.Press Workout Button and Press 3 Points Button for your Selected Workout

4a.Main Way : Set Your Target Settings to Basic Workout Mode Because your watch haven`t any time and half time limitation based on your Duration settings to notify you after the half of your exercise or completion of that.

4b.Alternative Way : if you are not interested to run 4a Step , You can Use this step only for non-AI calculation System Workouts for example Rowing Machine or Leg Press. But you can Try it freely for all of your exercises with lower counting accuracy.

Likes Method 4a just first of all, track your exercise with your primary or default duration or time. monitor your needed burning calories and if your calorie amount number your constant based on your calculated time, remember it and back to your workout selection screen and select your last workout, after selecting target you only need to put your remembered calorie amount in the calories option.

I was tested 4a for myself with success. because when I am in workout at the gym. my Galaxy Watch and Samsung Level are Playing Music for me and after coming to half of my workout, the workout voice assistant sound (without music this is a good option) is speaking about remaining workout and health parameters with MUSIC PAUSE AND DELAY WITH LOUD SOUND! this was a terrible but the Samsung Devices are Smart and Reliable from Old to the Latest (Keep your Mind Some of Device Old / New have some different settings and options based on Samsung Method for Creating their Devices and Software for That.)

I hope to enjoy and use it well.

Sincerely, Pedram Barkhordar