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Samsung Health app

Does anyone of you get latest updates for Samsung Health? I've read that in new version  Samsung Health is getting rid of Weight, Food and Caffeine tracking.
To me that's the end of my travel with Samsung.  Just I've bought new active watch and if it's true that they will get rid of those features I'll be very disappointed. 

I'm gutted. I love the weight tracking as it gives you a weekly/monthly average which is really useful.
I've got years worth of data stored.
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I've downloaded it yesterday ive no new uodate but I do have the weight part 🙂
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Here in Brazil I'm preparing to sue Samsung if it goes toward this. I've bought a Galaxy Fit and they reduced the valour of my band by sistematic removing services like oxigenation and, now, calories, caffeine, and food. My main use of the app and the band was to count my macros (protein and stuff), but now it's useless!!

I'll be extremely pissed if it will happen
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This was the conversation I had with Samsung. Until it is announced by them I will be skeptical about third party information. Especially when it is German and not US. Apps sometimes have different updates based on location of the user. 


I known, it's in portuguese, but trust me, is written that those functions are doom. It's an anouciment on the app, how could this be more official? Maybe it's not going to happen to all countries, but still a kick in the balls for some.Screenshot_20200717-111236_Chrome.jpg



Yes. Your Galaxy Smartwatch will soon only show time! Isn't that what a watch is for? Some Genius Manager at Samsung decided that half the functions in the Samsung Health would be removed! 


Read more on:


I'm returning my watches. This is really making me mad. I've bougth 4 S21 for the family and new smartwatches. Never again Samsung if they go ahead with this!


I'm returning my watches.


I have started a petition in this community since the Health app will be crippled in our phones and smartwatches to nothing more than a fancy step-counter.


Make your voice heard! Please consider letting Samsung know you care!

If Samsung still goes ahead and terminates these services, this will then be a testament to how poor the decision was and why.

Please go to the following link on this community:



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