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Samsung Gear VR cannot reproduce 3D MPO images made by Samsung NX1 camera with Samsung 2D/3D 45mm lens

(Topic created on: 21-01-2018 09:26 PM)

I have read in several forums that Samsung Gear VR nor Oculus Rift are able to simply reproduce 3D stills in MPO format.
Several camera brands are delivering lenses and cameras with 3D capabilities. Many of them use MPO file format.
Some may think that Samsung has perhaps noting to do with it, but they will be wrong. Samsung was the FIRST delivering a lens with 3D capabilities (Samsung NX 45mm/f1.8 2D/3D), made for the Samsung NX1 camera.  It is a prime lens with 3D capabilities for both stills and videos!!!  Therefore it is quite a shame that Samsung Gallery app for Gear VR is not capable to play MPO 3D still files, despite that its own brand innovated several years ago on this field with the Samsung NX1 camera + a prime lens with 3D (producing MPO files). So, Samsung Gear VR and Rift can reproduce low res 360 files made from a small Samsung Gear360 camera but not MPO files from a 15 times more expensive camera set OF ITS OWN BRAND...

Of course, Samsung could issue an update the Samsung Gallery app for Gear VR/Rift to reproduce MPO files or Oculus itself. It would be the most "elegant" solution but until then, there are some options we have left with like converting the MPO files to "side by side" files (ca. JPS) using applications like sView or MPO Master, or install all the mods to enable google's cardboard VR environment and add MPO viewer apps.

Has anybody heard if Samsung is adding MPO compatibility to its VR apps or Oculus?
kind regards!