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Samsung gear sport watch

(Topic created on: 29-03-2024 02:45 PM)
First Poster
I have looked after this watch and have loved using it for many years, and love it. I thought getting a new phone the same brand would be a great,and ensure compatibley. How wrong was I.... 

I have just spent 45 mins on chat to discover and get the same result as I did when I was transferring everything other from old phone. My watch is no longer compatible🙄😭😢 

The watch works with old phone but not new🤷‍. I have thought of sending. My new phone back and getting my money back.

I paid a lot for the watch and have looked after it really well and as so I think Samsung should compensate or replace the watch, recycel the old one, for customers when they make things no longer work due to there decisions and updates and giving the customer no choices. 

It all seems so wrong when the watch is in good working order with old phone but not new as you would think,it would be able to be compatible, with a software update.