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Samsung Gear Fit GPS Weekly Monthly Steps Distance Miles work around / alternative app to Health (Health Sync & Google Fit)

(Topic created on: 25-08-2020 12:39 PM)

So, after going nuts not believing that my wonderful GPS watch (Gear Fit 2) doesn't track the only thing I need it for I have finally found a work around. It's taken me ages to find a good GPS watch, only to discover the app doesn't do the only thing I use it for.

It is RIDICULOUS that Samsung Health doesn't give you weekly & monthly TOTALS & on a GPS watch! (not average, that's no good to me!).

ALL I use it for is doing distance/step challenges via 'race at your pace' etc.

So, after hours searching, I have downloaded 'Health Sync' (about £3 for lifetime access) & 'Google Fit'. Health sync transfers the data from your watch to Google fit which gives me the totals! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus the GPS still works if you're recording specific route maps through 'workouts'.

Just make sure you disable the tracking part in the Health App. The watch does the work, if that app is recording too it messes it up. They messaged me to tell me this, it was all really easy & guided you through.

It takes a short while to transfer but it works to get your totals!!

I tested it yesterday & it has  saved my totals, my hike map & is pretty much spot on with 'map my walk' I used at the same time to check it.

Nothing's perfect but I am so happy I can keep my watch and get what I want from it.


SAMSUNG, come on this is awful that this is missing from the app, you're SAMSUNG for goodness sake!

Soooo many people are doing these 'distance over time' type challenges now!!!