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Samsung Gear Fit 2

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Can you tell me if the Gear Fit 2 offers interval training during a run, or is there an app that can be added to the watch that does?


Hi if you go in settings then you have to options you have health nudges and work out detection and in both of those there are options to detect workouts.

make sure you have them switched on in s health to make sure you can get a full picture of what's going on.

There are loads of apps in the play store and Samsung apps.but I have what I need already.

But you can also access some through the s health app.but be carefull as they are all not free.

Hope this helps a little✌


Hey @Juliantapp! The Gear Fit 2 is currently unable to do this, have you searched on Galaxy Apps to locate any third party apps that match your request? 


This could be worth a try in the fit 2 there is a feature feature called auto pause in the settings you could switch that and then in s health you have all the other workout detects you could try the one that says other it might detect your other work out when AUTO pause kicks in as it seems to pause when you stop running or walking


You've Nothing to lose and it will still record your exercise 

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