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Samsung Galaxy Watch: Notifications and Compatitibility

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So, I recently got myself a Samsung Galaxy Watch and I'm uncertain as to whether or not I should keep it. Besides the issue with Spotify not being able to be used as a remote (which was one of my main reasons for purchasing the watch) I find the delivery of notifications from my phone to my watch to be quite unreliable.


The phone I am using is an LG G4 with android 6.0. If I disconnect the Bluetooth and reconnect it again, the notifications will start coming through, but after a while, the watch will stop receiving them, and if does receive them, it'll be totally random. I have considered upgrading my phone, perhaps to the new Samsung, since I assume the watch would work better with a Samsung device; that being said, I don't want to base my phone purchase on a watch that may or may not function properly.


Is there a reason as to why the notifications only seem to work on occasion? 

Is there a way to make the phone auto-refresh its Bluetooth connection every so often?



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