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Samsung galaxy watch and whatsapp calls


I've bought my galaxy watch yesterday and everything is working perfectly except for the whatsapp call. Im recieving all notifications even from whatsapp when someone sends me a message but when it comes to whatsapp call the watch doesn't vibrate or do anything to inform me that someone is calling me on whatsapp untill the call ends then the watch sends me a notification that i have a missedcall. However, im recieving phonecalls normally and when someone calls me a normal phone call the watch vibrates and allows me to answer or decline. Is their something i should turn on or do for the watch to inform me when someone is trying to call me on whatsapp like vibration or anything and not just send me a notification about a missed call when the call ends?

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Hey everyone today after an update is working finally. WhatsApp calls notifications are appearing on the watch and not just missed calls. 


Mine is still not working, S9 + Watch. Both with the latest firmware and all applications patched. It has to be fixed in the Android source not in the watch. It used to work for a small period of time until if I remember well the februari S9 update. SAMSUNG is still silent about this issue.WHY? Its a shame,


Mine is still not working as I am not getting incoming call from whatsapp though I do get missed call notification later. I have latest software on my S10+(G975FXXU8DTH7/ G975FOXM8DTH7)  as well as on my galaxy watch (R800XXU1DTC1/R8000XA1DTC1). Need some help.


Hi, could please indicate which type of Samsung phone and watch you're using? Also note that the sound for calls on the phone should be turned of, leave it to vibrating only, and turned on on your watch. It has worked previously so if it works please indicate the versions also?


Hi. I own samsung note 10 and gear s3. Gear s3 used to ring when i received whatsapp calls before. I has samsung note 8 before as well.


WhatsApp calls do not ring on the watch anymore since I upgraded to Note 10.


I tried your suggestion but no luck still.




I have Android 10 on the Note 10 and the samsung gear s3 has Tizen and R770XXU2FTD4 as software version. Thanks


Hi, I'm using

S20 5G version G981BXXU4BTH5


Galaxy Active 2 version R820XXU1BTA1/R8200XA1BTA1/


Now I receive in call notifications from whatsapp, messenger and skype. You still can't answer but it's better than a missed call notification.


And I also confirm that the phone is on silence. Please check the video


Just done the watch software update and finally WhatsApp calls will display on the watch tells me I have to answer on the phone but still better than it was but not as good as it used to be 😂


What is the latest software version on your gear please? I would like to compare with mine. Thanks.

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