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Samsung galaxy watch and whatsapp calls


I've bought my galaxy watch yesterday and everything is working perfectly except for the whatsapp call. Im recieving all notifications even from whatsapp when someone sends me a message but when it comes to whatsapp call the watch doesn't vibrate or do anything to inform me that someone is calling me on whatsapp untill the call ends then the watch sends me a notification that i have a missedcall. However, im recieving phonecalls normally and when someone calls me a normal phone call the watch vibrates and allows me to answer or decline. Is their something i should turn on or do for the watch to inform me when someone is trying to call me on whatsapp like vibration or anything and not just send me a notification about a missed call when the call ends?

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Maybe they'll use WhatsApp calls as a USP for the new watch that is on its way 🤣


@Kalil_Spain I'm afraid you're right about the solution. Strange is that it was fixed but as I look at that now that was probably a side effect of something else.


Actually it's not a Samsung phone - watch problem. It's an Android problem. I have the 1+7Pro along with Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and it doesn't work either. Previously I had pocophone f1, Mi9, P30 Pro and also whatsapp and skype call notification wouldn't work. I also had a Ticwatch with the same problem. How difficult can it be for Google to get it fixed?


Oho It seems a general issue that they couldn't fix 

I have Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung watch Active 2 with the latest update also WhatsApp call notification is not working since I bought it,

it never works and it seems it would never be 

it is my first time using galaxy I used to have iPhone but they told me to check Samsung to see the difference

Now I feel the difference 



What did you do exactly please?


I have a Samsung Gear s3 and just upgraded to Samsung Note 10 a few days ago. 

My watch does not ring anymore when I get WhatsApp calls. If I connect the watch to my old Samsung Note 8 which I still have now, whatsapp calls still ring on it.


Version of Software on Watch are below:

Tizen Version:

Software Version: R770XXU2FTD4

Samsung Note 10 has Android 10 on it.


Can you or anyone help please?



For the last thing that the companion comments, it may be that WhatsApp calls do not work in Android 10.


@Kalil_Spain it could be the problem but it would be nice if Samsung would verify and confirm or contradict that. So far I've only been asked to reset everything to factory settings which did not help. Later is was solved ... and later it was broken again.

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Is there any resolution to this issue? I have checked various sites & youtube video, but found nothing.

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so.. is there any solution yet....??

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hi, I too had this issue until today.

I have  the samsung S9 and the galaxy watch. 


Go to Phone settings-> apps -> whatsapp-> review the permissions given.  

Allow all permissions and save. .


Note - i have the call logs permissions denied. 


once I gave that permissions I am able to receive the phone alerts on the galaxy watch.







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