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Samsung galaxy watch and whatsapp calls


I've bought my galaxy watch yesterday and everything is working perfectly except for the whatsapp call. Im recieving all notifications even from whatsapp when someone sends me a message but when it comes to whatsapp call the watch doesn't vibrate or do anything to inform me that someone is calling me on whatsapp untill the call ends then the watch sends me a notification that i have a missedcall. However, im recieving phonecalls normally and when someone calls me a normal phone call the watch vibrates and allows me to answer or decline. Is their something i should turn on or do for the watch to inform me when someone is trying to call me on whatsapp like vibration or anything and not just send me a notification about a missed call when the call ends?

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Anyone from Samsumg here who is actually reading this topic? Could you please respond? Why is the watch working with incoming whatsapp calls in combination with iphones but not with Samsung Galaxy mobiles? I would expect that the Watch and mobiles would be more compatible with eachother then iphone with the watch. Is this an Android limitation? A Galaxy limitation? Or limitation of the watch? 


Why is it working with i.c.w. your compatitor but not with your own products. A lot of customers are facing this issue but no answer nor solution from Samsung. 

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I  have same issue.


SAMSUNG, please fix it ASAP.


@samsung heloooo guys 

Please fix it 🙏


The best we can do is to start appeal to samsung tech support with this issue. More asks to fix it -more chances to success.


And why does IT work on iPhone but not on galaxy s10 and galaxy watch.. Irritating and annoying


Today the november released firmware was finally available when i checked for updates. Still after installing this update whatsapp calls are still not available on my watch. I think its either the Samsungs modifications in Android or Android itself. I think its not related to the watch since Appple devices are able to pass thru the whatsapp calls to the watch. Still is shameful that noone of Samsung is replying. At least an explaination would be helpful but not responding is disrespectful to us as customers @BruceH is there someone from Samsung who can reply on this topic?


13th of January, 2020!


No fix yet! It must be something with the Android Notification system. I can't seem to get any incoming call notification from any instant messaging service like whatsapp or telegram.


Right now, I'm using my watch connected to my iphone just to get those notifications even though I can't react/reply to incoming msgs through the watch. Also, it's not a pleasant experience as the watch gets disconnected and reconnected sometimes even when the iphone is nearby.




Registered a bug and got the response it's because the watch is not VOIP enabled. 



Don't really understand that seeings as missus had a Galaxy fit E (£30) and that would notify her as she is recieving a call on whatsapp...


Maybe when the Renaissance is released WhatsApp calls will be a USP. 


How do I enable VOIP? Needs it to enabled on both phone and watch?


I thought I'd try the Live Chat Support from Samsung Care Pro. And they will add the following comment to the community soon:
Please reinstall the wearable app and reset your wat Master reset Samsung gear watch
1. Back up data on the internal memory.
2. Turn the Galaxy Watch off.
3. Press and hold the Power key until REBOOTING displays at the bottom of the screen.
4. Press the Power key three times quickly until the Select REBOOT MODE screen displays.
5. Press the Power key several times to highlight ' Recovery'.
6. Press and hold the Home key for three seconds to select, until the Galaxy Watch begins rebooting


I will try this later this week ...

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