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Samsung galaxy watch active 2, 44mm LTE, battery drain


Performed on clean system:


Wifi: off

NFC: off

BT: off


HR tracking: 10min setting

ALL activitiey tracking turned off

Bixby: off

LTE and mobile data over 4g/3g auto: on


The watch drains about 15% per hour. While doing: nothing. No text, no activate the screen. Nothing!

And the device could easily overheat over LTE

Straight from the charging (taking it off when at 100%) overheated the watch within minutes. 

It has stopped charging while LTE is on - and overheated and prompted to shut down in order to cool down. 

I have the possibility to send the unit for repair  but is that necessary if this is a software issue acknowledged by Samsung software team? 



Is there a fix coming out for this anytime soon or should we with lte units return our devices to store? 


Same hear.....rode a bike for an hour ,strava was on and internet radio listening with my Bluetooth headphones and 3% battery left. Not exeptable and thinking of returning mine as well 


I restored my watch and battery problem was solved.  I also deleted apps that I was not using. I hope it helps you. 


Watch currently with Samsung for a third repair attempt. Zero hope for a fix but seems I have to jump these hoops before they will even contemplate a refund. Joke really. 


Interesting.  Actually first report I've heard of someone fixing this. To be clear this is a decent battery life while on 4g connection right? Not just on bluetooth? 


Countless full resets,  2 new watches and nothing but preloaded apps and the thing overhears, resets several times and then loses all power within 3-4hrs. 


Hello, sharing the same bad experience with LTE, battery life is 3 hours with 4g on. 3 times in warranty, customer service keeps telling that its due to bad signal and use blootooth for connection with phone - my main the reason for the purchase was to connect it with e-sim and now they are telling its useless ? Really frustrating,  after the purchase you are on your own and stuck with an expencive watch where main function for me does not work. 

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I have the same issue, on 4g battery last 3h max. Add my watch is on guarantee, I'll try to return it.

It's the second time Samsung let me down, first time was with the robot vacuum cleaner. If continue like that, I'll not buy Samsung anymore. 

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