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Samsung galaxy watch active 2, 44mm LTE, battery drain


Performed on clean system:


Wifi: off

NFC: off

BT: off


HR tracking: 10min setting

ALL activitiey tracking turned off

Bixby: off

LTE and mobile data over 4g/3g auto: on


The watch drains about 15% per hour. While doing: nothing. No text, no activate the screen. Nothing!

And the device could easily overheat over LTE

Straight from the charging (taking it off when at 100%) overheated the watch within minutes. 

It has stopped charging while LTE is on - and overheated and prompted to shut down in order to cool down. 

I have the possibility to send the unit for repair  but is that necessary if this is a software issue acknowledged by Samsung software team? 



Is there a fix coming out for this anytime soon or should we with lte units return our devices to store? 




Why no reply or comment? By not replying you admit there is a issue. 


Hi @Knödel , :smiling-face:


Unsure why you haven't had a reply from anyone else in the Community as of yet, but...


Battery drains and overheating aren't exclusively software related.


If that drain and overheating is still happening after:


  • All software updates have been checked for and done (Galaxy Wearable > About Watch > Update watch software > Update Now)
  • And straight after a factory reset (and before a full data restore)


Then the best avenue is to have your watch checked at your nearest Samsung Support Centre.


I have had exactly the same issue and now in a position where I am thinking of returning the watch as is unusable in this manner within half a day of having 4G on the battery dies. Halfway through runs listen to DAB the phone overhears and have to shut down or battery runs out. Really frustrating!!


Hi same issue in France. No answers from samsung except reboot your watch.

What the hell are doing samsung? A basic test will detect this blocking issue. Eat your dog food..



Tnx for answering. This indicates these watches have an serious functional issue.


Be it firmware or specific devices (batch) 


Resetting device didn't help  neither a repair of the mainboard. 






Same issue here.  About 5 hours on 4g/LTE and the battery is drained from a full charge.  Something not right. 

It's "good" that you post it here so Samsung can see that this watch is no operating in any way thats near normal.

It drained more than 50% during a 30min walk in lte mode and music playback. That's horrible performance.

Question now is @Samsung what  are you doing about this. I have a £400 wearable tech.........un worn for most of the day on my kitchen table charging....!😡

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Same here only 4 days old...

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