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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm 4G: MASSIVE battery drain on 4G

(Topic created on: 03-04-2019 08:06 PM)

I'm experiencing a MASSIVE battery drain when the Galaxy Watch 46mm 4G is connected to the 4G network. I think it's related to the last major software update issue a few weeks ago (I also reported connectivity issues) as it didn't happen before the update.

When the Galaxy Watch 46mm is connected via 4G (I use Orange) and not via BT the battery can go down for as much as 50% in as little as 2 hours which is RIDICULOUS!

The smartwatch also tends to heat up and to freeze which requires a rebooting. 

Due to the issue above and also the connectivity issues I reported previously I'm seriously considering deactivating 4G or even changing the 4G model for the BT only.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

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Hi I'm based in Australia and experiencing the same issue with the battery draining rapidly, but not with connectivity or the the watch heating up.  I think its linked to the last update Samsung released as prior to that I was getting around 3 to 4 days on my watch.  By the end of the day after charging overnight I'm now only left with about 15% power.  Useless for tracking sleep overnight as I have to charge the watch or if I do intensive exercise during the day then it won't even last a full day. 

The first issue I had was the battery rapidly draining within a couple of hours and not able to charge the battery.  I took it back to the shop several times and Samsung finally did a hard reset.  They said there is no issue with the battery. Seemed to improve but back to now having very little battery left at the end of the day as described above. There are more and more people popping up on the community boards with the same issue.  Apart from almost shutting down all functionality of the watch there doesn't appear to be a fix.  I'm hoping that Samsung resolves this soon.  I've tried everything from resetting the watch, even including a hard reset, uninstalling and reinstalling apps (Samung Health & Galaxy Wearable) and adding apps without doing a full restore.  Nothing has worked to fix the issue.

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I have the same issues including the heating up. Makes the watch almost un usable and having it go into cool down mode constantly is not very productive