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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Return

(Topic created on: 12-09-2021 10:34 AM)

Yet again I have been reminded of Samsung's appalling customer service / handling of exchanges and returns.

I ordered two Galaxy watch 4's, one 42mm Classic for my wife and one 46mm Classic for myself. Unfortunately my wife's is too big for her wrist and so I contacted Samsung to return the watch, only to be told that it's part of one order and therefore I would have to return both watches (and straps that were ordered at the same time).
I am honestly gobsmacked by this statement, as no other company handles returns in this manner. I wouldn't decline a piece of my grocery shopping, only to be told I had to return everything! 
Apparently I now have to wait for this to go through their system and wait for their response, as to whether they will allow me to keep one of the watches!!!
Quite frankly, I am prepared to send both back and boycott Samsung going forward, as this is utterly ridiculous.
Previously Samsung wouldn't even allow me to cancel my S21 Utlra order and replace it with another colour, I should have learnt from that experience. 
Update - Samsung eventually agreed to take back just the one watch and strap.

I shouldn't have gone through what I did, it should have been a straight forward yes sir, please return for a full refund with no if's or but's.

A phone call to Apple this week highlighted the difference in customer service!