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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

(Topic created on: 22-01-2022 08:44 PM)
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The watch has failed to record data on two of three runs over the last 6 days. I've recently purchased the watch and have been literally putting it through the paces. The watch recorded most of the data except the average pace for my first run. That's frustrating when I use the historic stats to gauge my current physical status. The second run wasn't tracking steps, location, distance, ...anything. Nothing but the time. Fortunately, I run two specific routes so I know my distances. I just don't know my average and best mile times nor all the other data that has been useful in determining how my body is doing physically. Again, frustrating. The third run was, again, missing the average pace/time per mile. 

I've made sure all updates were applied to both the watch, Samsung Health, and my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The watch is not worth it and fails the utility test. It also doesn't seem to last as long as my Watch 3 45mm. It's time to return the product. Especially because I don't know how to contact Samsung to correct this.