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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - Battery Life

(Topic created on: 16-04-2022 01:50 PM)
Any one else noticing thr galaxy watch 4 battery life is worse then the older models?
I had the galaxy watch classic 1st edition and the battery would last 2.5 days easy with an hour exercise and up to 2 hours walking s day. 
Got this for Christmas and it's struggling to last a day 😪 
Tried all of this but no help in afraid. Thank you though

Sad nothing has helped you yet though.

The last thing I came to think of was the watch face. What watch face do you use?

Turns out faces with lots of cor drain battery much faster than faces that are mostly black.


also having the screen off at all times unless you look at thecwatch is equally important. This is a thing on all smart watches,  but even more important on those that have small batteries. Like the Watch 4.

If this is of no help either, I would contact Samsung, and worry you had received a factory-defect product/battery


@Carnilio, which exactly is your model? Also, as far as I understood, you use the LTE version and you have activated a mobile plan on your watch? Your usage I guess is very light, given your battery lasts over 2 days. Even with GPS, NFC and WiFi turned off?


I have the galaxy watch 4. Turn off all the functions, location, WiFi, watch face, nfc etc doesn't last the day with an hour of exercise and a couple of 30-40 mins walk and it's dead by 6-7pm 


Upgraded from Samsung active 2 to Samsung watch 4 on Saturday, had it for 4 days now, its paired to a Samsung S21 ultra, watch battery is abysmal, was advised by vendor to turn AOD & GPS off, have standard clock screen (not SPo2) and HR on manual, my phone is always on me! I'm finding it unable to get more than 24 hrs before it requires charging.

Active watch 2 battery lasted at least 48 hrs with all functions enabled 

I smart fitness watch that requires all the major functions to be disabled, so that the battery can last a day is not fit for purpose .

My son has the fitbit sense and that battery last 5 days, even with all of its functions on, yes its not quite as intuitive of as fast responding as the Watch 4, but come on, at least you don't have battry drain anxiety

I'm going to return the Samsung watch 4 as its not fit for purpose and either return to my Active watch 2 or buy a Fitbit Sense 

Yeah I don't blame you!! Mine was a present as I had the original watch and that still has a better battery life on it!
The annoyance is I'm quite active and it can't even log a long walk without dying 😩
Good Ol Mick
First Poster

Hey all

Poor battery life solved!!  For me anyway – this may help you too

I've had trouble with battery life on the Galaxy 4 LTE since I got the watch last October.

The way I was using it, the phone wouldn’t even last a day to just tell the time.

I tried everything - including turning off all functions and switching off the display itself.

Even in ‘Power saving’ mode I was lucky to get 6 hours of life at best.

Turns out my problem was with the LTE (Long-Term Evolution) feature which allows the phone to connect to a mobile network on its own.

When I initially setup the phone, I configured it to connect to my service provider (Optus) mobile network.

This means the watch can operate as an independent mobile device and does not need a mobile phone connected (via Bluetooth).

In that mode the watch works fine but 6 hours later….dead.

The problem was I had turned off my mobile phone’s Bluetooth function. This was intentional because I also use the phone for building security access and having Bluetooth ‘on’ interferes with the security system (another problem, another story for another day).

So when Bluetooth is ‘off’ the LTE watch is working hard continually talking / syncing to the network. It gobbles up battery power at a ridiculous rate.

By operating with Bluetooth ‘on’, and having the phone in range for most of the day, the phone does most of the work in talking to the mobile network and the watch syncs with the phone using far less battery power!

I can now get about 2 full days of battery life even with ‘Always On Display’ and other functions including health now working fine.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Good Ol’ Mick