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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm (Bluetooth)

(Topic created on: 19-01-2022 12:22 PM)
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Has anyone else purchased a Galaxy Watch4 for £249?  I have just bought one, BUT it doesn't come with a strap!! What good is a watch without the strap!! Apparently it doesn't come with one, and somewhere on the online order form should of prompted me to purchase a strap @ £49 on top of £249!! 

I researched all companies and everyone was offering a watch complete, so I went with Samsung and i have spend 4 days and evenings, speaking with online chats and speaking in person with representatives.

I have had a range of responses,  "i didn't spend £260 so my strap wasnt free or included.  I have been offered £210, £25 and £30 voucher to put towards the cost.  Noone will put me through to a Manager, and everyone i talk to reads from a script,  I just want a strap, but I don't want to pay on top of my purchase.

I have requested a returns form, and i will get a full refund, against and extra £15 on the voucher to purchase a strap.  I feel I am banging my head against a brick wall.  I have been in touch with CAB and am going to raise a complaint via Trading Standards.  

I wouldn't have purchased a watch without a strap, and if SAMSUNG had made it clear in their specifications I wouldn't be having this rant! I would have bought at Currys, Argos , Amazon or John Lewis and would have got a strap as part of the purchase!! Seems simple to me!!

Helping Hand
I totally agree with your rant but I think I would just get a strap from eBay and put it down to experience as its such a good watch.