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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Give me a reason.....


I had the Samsung Active (color) and now the Samsung Active 2.

I was never satisfied about the sensors. Pretty inaccurate and slow to pick up movement at the right time. I keep barking at my watch to make Bixby wake up and give me some answer or switch on/off a function. It runs like an old computer and the responses are frustrating me. Bixby either does not want to wake up or gives me wrong answers and sometimes the watch crashes as it TRIES to open Bixby when I bark "Hi Bixby". Restarting the watch won't refresh the system or suddently fix it.


Not to mention that the sensors are inactive about ECG or Blood Pressure.
Not to mention that Samsung Pay NFC is inactive in Europe.


I am forced to dictate in English with my fellow citizens even though it's a foreign language in my country. In 2020 and you just have a few languages installed ? Is this Windows XP in 2000 or what ?

Give me a reason to spend another 400-500 Euros for this..... Come on Samsung, you far-fetched it this time.


I forgot to mention that they're going to use the same Soc for their new Galaxy 3. Redicules.

This product does not grow, they don't invest on it, they don't believe in it but they charge premium by using their name.

So don't buy it! I know I won't. I don't think its worth the 400 bucks people are saying it will be sold for. I wouldn't buy the active 2 either given that the ECG feature isn't available on it. Some people have money to burn and so they will choose to buy them, missing features and over pricing isn't an issue for them.

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
Current Phone ~

Samsung S10+ 128Gb > Model: SM-G975F. Samsung One Ui 2.5 / Android 10.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 > Model: SM-R840.
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ > Model: SM-R175.

It seems that they design a product according to those who have money to burn not thinking that a complete and functional product will sell even better.

Only reason to get the watch 3 is really if you like the design better and want the rotating bezel, battery and sensors seems to be the exact same as Active 2.
You can enable the Blood Pressure Monitor and download My BP Labs if you use a VPN, I did it yesterday and it works well, cool feature to have.
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